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updated in 2024

CNA Travel Assignments

Welcome to the comprehensive and continuously updated guide for CNAs. Read about how to become a CNA and learn the requirements of reciprocity in different states. Check out our recommended travel agencies or let us help you find your next travel adventure. Let’s get going!

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From transferring your license to another state (reciprocity) to finding recommended agencies and a travel CNA job.

License Registration

Understand the requirements, procedures, and key considerations for placement on the CNA Registry.

License Reciprocity

Learn the requirements, details, and costs to transfer your CNA license to another state using reciprocity.

Travel Jobs

Tell us what contract you’re looking for and let us do the rest. With or without accommodation.

Travel Jobs

Travel Agencies

Have a look at our curated list of travel agencies for Certified Nursing Assistants.

Travel Agencies

How to become a traveling CNA

Learn what it takes to become a traveling CNA and the benefits of it.