How To Become a Traveling CNA

A fulfilling career that allows you to combine your passion for healthcare with a love for exploration. Start your journey today!

Travel CNAs, or travel certified nursing assistants, are healthcare professionals who embark on exciting journeys while providing essential care to patients across various locations.

Step-by-step guide on how to become a travel CNA

1. Meet the CNA Requirements:

First things first, you need to be a certified CNA. Ensure you’ve completed your state-approved CNA training program, passed the certification exam, and obtained your CNA license.

2. Gain Experience:

Many travel CNA positions require some experience, usually 2 years. Work in different healthcare settings to build your skills and confidence. Hospital, nursing home, and home health care experiences all count.

3. Research Travel CNA Agencies:

Start by researching travel CNA agencies or staffing firms. They specialize in connecting CNAs with temporary assignments nationwide. Check their reputations, reviews, and the locations they serve. If you want, you can have a look at our list of travel agencies or submit a CNA travel application with us.

4. Create a Standout Resume:

Craft a resume that highlights your CNA certification, skills, and relevant experience. Emphasize your flexibility and adaptability, qualities highly valued in travel CNAs.

5. Complete Agency Application:

Fill out our application form with your preferences or the agency’s application form. Be honest about your preferences and availability. If asked, provide all requested documents, including your CNA license, certifications, and references.

6. Interview with Agencies:

Expect interviews with potential agencies. Be prepared to discuss your career goals, preferred destinations, and availability for assignments. Ask questions about the agency’s support and benefits.

7. Choose Assignments:

Once accepted by an agency, you’ll have access to a variety of CNA travel assignments. Select assignments that align with your interests and goals. Some may be short-term, while others could last a few months.

8. Get Licensed in New States:

Depending on your chosen assignments, you may need to obtain CNA licenses in the states you’ll work in. The agency can guide you through this process. However, it is recommended that you seek license reciprocity before applying in another state.

9. Pack Your Bags:

Ready for CNA travel adventure? Pack your essentials and head to your assignment location. You’ll provide vital care while experiencing new places.

10. Embrace the Adventure:

As a travel CNA, you’ll not only provide essential healthcare but also immerse yourself in diverse communities and cultures. Embrace the adventure, learn from every experience, and make a difference in patients’ lives across the country.