CNA License Reciprocity in Hawaii

To ensure a smooth transition as you consider working as a travel CNA in Hawaii or moving to Hawaii, understanding CNA reciprocity in the state is crucial. This process allows you to transfer your out-of-state CNA license to Hawaii seamlessly. In the following, we’ll explain the specific requirements and steps for an out-of-state CNA license transfer to Hawaii, enabling you to navigate the license reciprocity process with ease.

CNA license reciprocity in Hawaii


Amount: $27
Details: Reciprocity fee




Online application: No
Form: Yes, see here

How to

Fill in the form

  1. Fill in “Candidate Information”
  2. In “Certification Option”, tick “Route 2”
  3. Complete “Training Information”
  4. Complete “Additional Mandatory Questions”
  5. Complete “Route 2 – Reciprocity/Out of State Information”
  6. In “Exam Selection and Fees”, tick “Route 2 – Reciprocity/Out of State”
  7. Fees may be paid by certified check, money order payable to Prometric. Personal checks and cash are not accepted. Fees are not refundable or transferable. To pay by credit card, complete the information on the last page.
  8. Sign and date the “Applicant’s Affidavit and Candidate Release Statement”
  9. If currently employed as a nurse aide, fill in “Employment Information”

Employer input required?


Current state input required?


Methods of filing

Online application: No
Email: No
Fax: No
Mail: Yes,
Nurse Aide Program
354 Uluniu Street Suite 308
Kailua, HI 96734

Support contact

Information last updated in

October 2023

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