CNA License Reciprocity in Maine

To ensure a smooth transition as you consider working as a travel CNA in Maine or moving to Maine, understanding CNA reciprocity in the state is crucial. This process allows you to transfer your out-of-state CNA license to Maine seamlessly. In the following, we’ll explain the specific requirements and steps for an out-of-state CNA license transfer to Maine, enabling you to navigate the license reciprocity process with ease.

Transferring your license to Maine using reciprocity requires you to already have a CNA license in another state. If you’re looking to register your first CNA certification on the Maine Registry, read our page about how to get on the Maine CNA Registry.

CNA license reciprocity in Maine


Amount: $0
Details: Free of charge




Online application: Yes, link here
Form: Yes, link to form here

How to

Access and fill in the online form:

  1. Follow the link.
  2. Click on “Apply to be placed on the CNA Registry”.
  3. Click on “Application for CNA – Trained in another State/Jurisdiction”.
  4. Answer the question on previous licensing in Maine.
  5. Fill in the rest of the form and provide any and all information or document required.

Fill in the paper form:

  1. Fill in the form.
  2. In section 4, only complete the second part and list all States where you have held a CNA Certification, include the name under which the certification was held.
  3. Include a copy of your current driver’s license (or official government I.D.) containing a photograph and signature. A valid passport is acceptable. Student IDs are NOT acceptable. (Name on ID must match the name on the application).
  4. Mail the application.

Processing takes 2-4 weeks.

Employer input required?


Current state input required?


Methods of filing

Online application: Yes
Email: No
Mail: Department of Health and Human Services Division of Licensing and Certification Attn: CNA Registry 11 State House Station Augusta, ME 04330-0011
Fax: No

Support contact

Information last updated in

October 2023

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