CNA License Reciprocity in New Jersey

To ensure a smooth transition as you consider working as a travel CNA in New Jersey or moving to New Jersey, understanding CNA reciprocity in the state is crucial. This process allows you to transfer your out-of-state CNA license to New Jersey seamlessly. In the following, we’ll explain the specific requirements and steps for an out-of-state CNA license transfer to New Jersey, enabling you to navigate the license reciprocity process with ease.

Transferring your license to New Jersey using reciprocity requires you to already have a CNA license in another state. If you’re looking to register your first CNA certification on the New Jersey Registry, read our page about how to get on the New Jersey CNA Registry.

CNA license reciprocity in New Jersey


Amount: $30.00
Details: Processing fees – non-refundable


Yes, you must undergo a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) by the New Jersey State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The CBI forms will arrive with your reciprocity application packet. You can find more information on the Registry’s website.


Online application: No
Form: Yes, form must be requested from the Department of Health by calling them at +1-877-774-4243 

How to

Apply for reciprocity:

  1. You must contact the Department of Health by calling them at +1-877-774-4243 to receive the reciprocity application packet
  2. You will need to provide documentation from your current state to provide that you have a current, valid certificate from your current state (where you currently practice)
  3. You will need to ensure you meet the requirements of Reciprocity Route 1 Reciprocity Route 2 below

Note: You will not be eligible if you’ve been convicted of any crimes or if you’ve been found of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of resident property on your current state’s registry.

Reciprocity Route 1: Application based on Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  1. Within the prior 24 months, you must have completed 24 hours of approved CEUs
  2. These CEUs include 12 hours of approved continuing education in care for residents with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia-related disorders, and a total of 12 hours of approved continuing education in the following areas: infection control procedures; emergency procedures; abuse and neglect, and misappropriation of resident property; resident rights; and pharmacy 

Reciprocity Route 2: Application based on full-time employment

  1. You have 24 months of full-time employment in your current state or territory, including at least 35 hours per week, as a CNA performing nursing-related service, supervised by a licensed nurse in a nursing home
  2. The most recent date of such work is within the 24-month period immediately preceding the date of the application
  3. Route 2 applicants must also pass the New Jersey Clinical Skills Competency examination and the written/oral competency examination


Employer input required?


Current state input required?


Methods of filing

Unknown, contact the Department of Health by calling them at +1-877-774-4243.

Support contact

Call: +1-877-774-4243

Information last updated in

May 2024

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