CNA License Reciprocity in North Dakota

To ensure a smooth transition as you consider working as a travel CNA in North Dakota or moving to North Dakota, understanding CNA reciprocity in the state is crucial. This process allows you to transfer your out-of-state CNA license to North Dakota seamlessly. In the following, we’ll explain the specific requirements and steps for an out-of-state CNA license transfer to North Dakota, enabling you to navigate the license reciprocity process with ease.

Transferring your license to North Dakota using reciprocity requires you to already have a CNA license in another state. If you’re looking to register your first CNA certification on the North Dakota Registry, read our page about how to get on the North Dakota CNA Registry.

CNA license reciprocity in North Dakota


Amount: $0
Details: Free of charge




Online application: Yes, see here
Form: No

How to

Fill in the online application:

  1. Go on the online application page here, and click on “Start the application” at the bottom of the page
  2. Fill in “Registrant Information”
  3. Fill in “Endorsement State Information” with all the states where you are/were certified with the current state you’re working in first
  4. Click on “uploading file(s)” and insert all documents proving your certification in those states – if the states have online verification you can upload a copy of the verification, if the states do not have online verification you need to ask the state registry to send you the verification so that you can upload it here
  5. Fill in the “Nurse Aide Program Information”
  6. Fill in “Contact Information”
  7. Click on your preferred method of notification
  8. Submit your application

Processing time: 3 to 5 business days. The status of the application can be viewed here.

Employer input required?


Current state input required?


Methods of filing

Online application: Yes
Email: No
Fax: No
Mail: No

Support contact

Call: (701) 328-2352

Information last updated in

October 2023

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