CNA License Reciprocity in Washington

To ensure a smooth transition as you consider working as a travel CNA in Washington or moving to Washington, understanding CNA reciprocity in the state is crucial. This process allows you to transfer your out-of-state CNA license to Washington seamlessly. In the following, we’ll explain the specific requirements and steps for an out-of-state CNA license transfer to Washington, enabling you to navigate the license reciprocity process with ease.

Transferring your license to Washington using reciprocity requires you to already have a CNA license in another state. If you’re looking to register your first CNA certification on the Washington Registry, read our page about how to get on the Washington CNA Registry.

CNA license reciprocity in Washington


Amount: $85
Details: Administrative fee




Online application: Yes, see here (faster process)
Form: Yes, see here

How to

Fill in the online form

  1. Create an account on SecureAccess Washington*.
  2. Select the “Add a New Service” link.
  3. On the right column, select “Department of Health.”
  4. Scroll to “Online Application Portal”. Select “Apply.”
  5. Click on “My Services” and choose “Online Application Portal.”
  6. Complete the information on the User Lookup Page. Last name, date of birth, and social security number (SSN) are required fields. If you don’t have an SSN, check the “I don’t have a Social Security Number” box. Click “Search.”
  7. If you don’t have a match, or have never had a state of Washington credential, select “No.”
  8. If you do have a partial match, you’ll be asked additional questions. Select the answer, then click “Validate.”
  9. If you have a full match, you’ll be asked to update any information that is currently incorrect. You’ll not be able to update any gray-out field. Once complete, click “Update.”
  10. You will now be able to choose the credential you would like to apply for. Select the credential from the list under “Complete a New Credential Application.”
  11. Please note that you’ll have 14 days from the start of the application to complete, pay for and retrieve a copy of the application and any supplemental forms needed for completion.
  12. Pay the application and $2.50 convenience fee with a VISA or MasterCard or by ACH (electronic check).
  13. After the payment has been successfully submitted you can attach additional documents to your application at the “Upload Attachments” screen. If you have nothing to upload, choose “Skip.”
  14. The final screen will have a copy of any additional forms you may need to submit and a copy of the application you just finished. You’ll be able to retrieve these documents for 14 days after the original start of the application.

*If you are struggling with creating an account, watch this video.

Fill in the paper form

  1. Carefully review the instructions set out in the “Application Instructions Checklist”.
  2. Some parts of the form do not need to be completed by endorsement applicants.
  3. Send the filled-in form by mail, fax or email (see below).

Employer input required?


Current state input required?

It depends, you may be required to fill in the form here, and send it to your current and/or previous states.

Methods of filing

Online application: Yes
Email: No
Fax: No
Mail: Yes,
Mail your application with initial documentation and your check or money order payable to:
Department of Health
P.O. Box 1099
Olympia, WA 98507-1099

Send other documents not sent with your initial application to:
Nursing Assistant Credentialing
P.O. Box 47877
Olympia, WA 98504-7877

Support contact

Call: 360-236-4700

Information last updated in

May 2024

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